Timati trashed a room at a Swingers hotel in Jamaica (photos, video)

Timati trashed a room at a Swingers hotel in Jamaica (photos, video)Not having time to enjoy all the pleasures of unconventional holiday in a Swingers hotel, Timothy landed in the police force of the island of Jamaica.The reason was noisy disassembly rapper with his new girlfriend in the Swingers Hedonism.The hotel is virtually no restrictions. Enjoy the freedom and do anything, anywhere and with anyone! About the slogan was met with a celebrity guest, the Manager, standing at the entrance to... some sexy thongs and with a bouquet of flowers!The hotelTimothy came to Jamaica without his girlfriend Valentina, a famous model.The rapper was placed in an apartment with a huge Jacuzzi and a huge stock of expensive champagne Crystal.The first night stay, dinner with friends at the hotel's restaurant, Timothy met a girl. A beautiful young lady came from Peter and it stayed in the same hotel complex. Tireless macho could not help but notice the blonde with appetizing forms. In the evening of the same day she moved out of their standard rooms in a luxury Suite Timati.ScandalAfter two days of cohabitation between Timothy and his new friend began to scandal.Sunbathing on a nudist beach, the rapper began to openly flirt with two centerfold from Brazil. Читать полностью -->

The cutest little babies, Hollywood stars

The cutest little babies, Hollywood stars After recently two Hollywood celebrities - Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie - became mothers for the first time, the abcnews website will be one of the stars already have children, and who is the most beautiful.They say, People magazine spent several million dollars on the purchase of the first photos of newborn daughter Angelina Jolie - Shiloh Nouvelle. Pouty, like a mother, and blond hair, like her father, brad pitt, she's just adorable.Tom cruise and his wife Katie Holmes took several months before they posted a photo of his daughter Suri. The audience finally saw her in a photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine. After the debut of the paparazzi never give the girl a rest, and she already became a star as her parents.During one of his recent concerts contestants reunited group the Spice Girls brought to the stage their children. In the spotlight was a small Bluebell, the daughter of the famous "peppercorn" Jerry Halliwell.Baron trump will one day inherit billions of his father, construction magnate Donald trump, and while cute baby continues carefree childhood. At the pictures with my dad watching the final of the tournament in men's tennis US Open stadium in new York.It seems that little Joan already knows how to behave in front of the camera. Читать полностью -->

Soloist Spice Girls will run 1.5 km for the poor

Soloist Spice Girls will run 1.5 km for the poorThe soloist recently revived pop group the Spice Girls this Sunday will take part in a charity race at one mile (1.6 km).As reported on Tuesday, the TV channel Sky News, the campaign is organized by the charitable Fund Sport Relief. All funds raised will be used to help the poor."Agree to run a mile for Sport Relief - it's so simple, especially after the Christmas excesses," said a member of the group Melanie Chisholm, also known as Mel C or Sporty Spice ("Sporty spice")."Whether you're young or old, in shape or not in shape, most people can anyway to run one mile, and thereby to help the poor and disadvantaged people," he agreed with his colleague, the participants in the group, RIA "Novosti".The Spice Girls have found time for charity in the midst of another marathon - at the famous London venue the O2 Arena group gives 17 concerts in the framework of the world tour. Together with the Spice Girls on the treadmill soloists will be released another recently restored pop group Take That.In the UK this weekend will 23 main race at various distances and hundreds of races organised on the ground. Similar events are held annually. The record was set in 2006, when "charity mile ran 400 thousand people. Source: Spice Girls Soloist will run 1.5 km for the poor. Читать полностью -->

Oksana Robski: In marriage you need time to divorce

Oksana Robski: In marriage you need time to divorceWriter Oksana Robski soon going to become the lawful wife of Igor Shalimov, the former footballer of the Moscow "Spartak" and Milan "inter". On the eve of the wedding Oksana has told about the reasons of divorce from previous husband.The writer was married three times. Her first marriage she calls a mistake, her second husband was killed, and with her third husband Michael Robski, Oksana divorced after years of marriage."We Misha a very good relationship... In my opinion, if you want to stay with her ex-husband friends, you just need... time to get a divorce. Exactly on time, when you still have respect for each other," says Oksana in an interview with "MK-atmosphere.Why I divorced with Misha? Yes it's very simple, " explained Robski. Читать полностью -->

Michelle Rodriguez on parole from prison

Michelle Rodriguez on parole from prisonActress Michelle Rodriguez was released from prison after he served 17 days of the statutory six-month time period to which she was sentenced for violation of parole, reports AP.29-year-old former star of the television series Lost was released Wednesday night from the women's prison of the city of Lynwood, South of Los Angeles.In October, the court sentenced Rodriguez to imprisonment for violation of conditional release, stating that she has no right to be released for, as well as parole and home confinement. Rodriguez went to jail on December 23."I don't think it's strange," commented the representative of the Sheriff's Department exit Rodriguez to freedom, noting that play the role of factors such as overcrowding and the seriousness of the crime.In General rodrГ­guez lucky with the Los Angeles correctional system. In may 2006 she was sentenced to 60 days in jail, but was released, having been behind bars for four hours and 20 minutes.Last year in the same prison "Motala" term or part of other celebrities: Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton.Meanwhile, actor Kiefer Sutherland, which began on 5 December to serve a 48-day sentence for driving in an alcohol intoxication in the prison of the city of Glendale, apparently, will have to serve him fully. Source: Michelle Rodriguez on parole from prison. . . Читать полностью -->

Malakhov disgraced Rasputin, showing biceps

Malakhov disgraced Rasputin, showing bicepsMasha Rasputina and Andrey Malakhov in the show "Two stars" looked interesting: she of the infamous singer, he is a popular presenter, not able to sing. Personal relations among the participants of the duet was good, while Malakhov not disgraced Masha in public.Itself Rasputin confirms rumors that she and Andrew even had an argument. It happened due to the fact that showman too often rears its partner on his hands, writes the newspaper "Antenna"."Yeah, got it from me for this," says the singer. Constantly lifts me to showcase your biceps! And I always butt in the screen show. And, of course, the media immediately went up the hype on "what kind of underwear at the Rasputina". Here Malakhov and I explain that not all the time one place to the viewer to display.". Читать полностью -->

Several studios have a deal with striking writers

Several studios have a deal with striking writersFilm and TV Studio Lionsgate has announced that it has reached an interim agreement with the Guild of American writers (WGA), allowing the striking writers to work on Studio projects.The same was announced by Marvel Studios, a division of Marvel Entertainment Inc.Recall, the writers and producers resumed consultations this week with the aim to complete a three-month strike, which stopped the production of all major TV shows. The experts hope that a separate agreement will accelerate the process, Reuters reports.The writers have already signed interim agreements with studios such as United Artists Tom cruise and The Weinstein Co., lead the media Mogul brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein. Representatives of the WGA and the Alliance of producers of film and TV productions this week returned to the negotiating table for the first time after a long break, marked by the failure of attempts to negotiate a new labor agreement on 7 December."It seems that the issue with the writers will soon be solved, and Lionsgate believes it is very important, especially in light of the need to work on our shows since the beginning of the new season, our writers have returned to production, - said representatives of the Studio's official press release. We look forward to the conclusion of the General agreement".Among feature films Lionsgate, the release of which is planned for the near future, "Rambo", "Eyes" and "Saw 5". In addition, the company produces TV shows Weeds, Mad Men and the new show Fear Itself.Note, the starting point in future negotiations will be an agreement with another Union, the Directors Guild in Hollywood. In a joint statement, the Directors Guild and the Alliance of the producers indicated that the agreement is a "breakthrough that will allow you to flip an extremely unpleasant for the entire industry.". Читать полностью -->

Pitt and Jolie will adopt another child

Pitt and Jolie will adopt another childBrad pitt and Angelina Jolie adopt another girl from Africa, reports the Mirror newspaper.Brother of Angelina publicly spoke about the pair plans to further expand its family this year. James haven said, "They are creating one big family and will continue to adopt until they are able to do it.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

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